You Are NOT Alone!!

THE ABC'S of CAREGIVING By Kristal Glover-Wing 

The Caregiver's Bible


I don't know if I can do this!!

My mom's sick...I love her, but taking care of her by myself is a huge responsibility.

I'm all alone.

Why won't anyone help?

Why Me?!!



That's a good book!! It is very informative. This book is going to help so many people understand how to help their loved ones.

Esma Orellana, 

Mother Extraoidinaire

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The author is a registered nurse from New Orleans, La. who has owned and operated a healthcare company specializing in elderly and debilitated patients for over twenty years. She has been a nurse, a caregiver and a lifetime advocate for patient's rights.

Kristal,  the primary caregiver of her ailing mother who passed in recent months, decided to create "The Caregiver's Bible"  to empower non-medical people after witnessing countless events where healthcare providers lacked compassion, and at times,   competence. 


Increase Knowledge

Learn how to manage serious to simple illnesses.

Empower Yourself

Reduce dependance on medical systems.

Protect Loved Ones

Reduce mistakes from medical incompetance.

Boost Confidence

Boost Caregiver awareness, confidence and knowledge.