Frequently asked questions

What is the goal of "The Caregiver's Bible"?

To give non-medical people the advantages of understanding how to navigate the medical field. "The Caregiver's Bible" will also enhance the readers knowledge significantly, helping lay people know if their loved ones are getting what they need from their healthcare professionals. The information contained in this book will offer basic medical insight to non-medical readers, increasing their ability to make informed medical decisions and not be forced to rely solely on a medical professional's guidance.

I have been taking care of my aging parents, am I alone?

No, you are not. Statistics have shown that over 65 million americans are responsible for caring for a sick or debilitated loved one.

I've been recently released from the hospital and am unsure how to manage my condition. Is this book for me?

Yes, "The Caregiver's Bible" can help anyone who wants to understand more about medical management for either themselves or their loved ones.

Will buying this book replace my medical professionals?

No, it will not. But it will give you a much better understanding of how to manage health issues that you or your loved one may have. It will also help you understand if your health professionals are really good or not so great. It will teach you how to care for yourself or loved one as best as possible and give you the knowledge base to force your healthcare professionals to be the best they can be.

Once I purchase "The Caregiver's Bible", will it help?

Yes, but it's just the first step. It's up to the reader to READ it. Do not let it just sit on the book shelf. Read it and learn the basics of health care that apply to your family's situation. Then apply this information in every health care situation you or your loved one has. If your loved one doesn't seem to be getting what they need from the health care system, the readers will know what to ask, you'll know what to expect, you'll also know what to DEMAND.